Some Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money at Argos

As with any large and well-established high street retailer in the UK, Argos have plenty of incentives in order to get you to part with your hard-earned cash. This is great news for people like us as it means that we can save money on our purchases. Here are the main ways that you can save money at Argos. These apply to both stores found in high streets and in shopping centres, as well as their online shop at

Argos Gift CardThe Argos gift card is similar to the old-style gift vouchers that could be bought from Argos shops and given away as gifts. The main difference is now that they can be purchased in a large number of stores including supermarkets, and online on websites such as Amazon. Although purchasing these will not save you any money, these gift cards are often given to loyal customers as a reward if they have an Argos store card. (More information below.)

Argos Store CardThe Argos store card is similar to all of the other store cards out there, whereby you can use it to buy as much as you like from an Argos store or online (as long as the total amound does not exceed your credit limit). You simply ‘pay’ with your store card, which will be debited with the balance. You then receive a monthly statement with a summary of all of your Argos purchases which you can either pay in full each month or you can spread the cost over several months. Although store cards typically charge interest, the Argos store card is particularly useful because there is often the option of interest free credit for a certain period, which can be used as a great way of spreading the cost of large purchases – saving you money on interest that would have been payable if you used your own credit card.

Argos Voucher CodeArgos voucher codes are simply alphanumeric codes that can be entered during the checkout process online at By entering the code when you go to check out, the amount you have to pay will be instantly reduced. Click here for more information on redeeming them. Or if you already know how to redeem them then you can use this code to save you a fortune on your next shop. Argos voucher codes can save you anything from 5% to 20%, on a wide range of items across the catalogue and website. All you have to do is find the current valid voucher codes and it’s really easy to save a bundle on your shopping.


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